tag 'switzerland'


Lakeside stroll with intense autumn colors

Weggis - Greppen Loop

Beautiful lakeside walking with views snowcapped mountains

Zürich Triemli - Uetliberg - Hausen am Albis

City gives way to rolling hills

The William Tell Path

Lovely views of Lake Lucerne, forest paths and some fabled history

Pizol 5 Lakes

Fantastic hiking around lakes with stunning surrounding views

Studen - Stock Loop

360 degree views of Schwyz as you circle round Stock

Elm - Walenboden - Elm

Valley hiking surrounded by waterfalls towards the Panixerpass

Muottas Muragl - Segantinihütte - Alp Languard

Lakes, Glaciers & Steinbock - Engadin has it all!

Le Moléson

Downhill hike with great views of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Lac Leman

Vevey - Chexbres Loop

Amazing views of Lac Leman whilst walking through the vineyards of Lavaux.

Klosters – Schwäderloch - Novai - Monbiel - Klosters

Slow ascent on the way out, the views change from meadows to wilderness the deeper you go.

Engelberg Loop

An easy, popular walk starting in Engelberg.

Kappel am Albis - Rifferswil Loop

Easy walking on wide paths with long views over the fields into the mountains