The William Tell Path

Start: Rütli

End: Bauen

Length: 9km

Ascent / Descent: 503m / 503m

Duration: 2hr 55min

Date: 28 Aug 2020


This beautiful one way hike can be reached in many ways. We chose to park in Bauen, take the ferry to the starting point and walk back to the car but with limited parking, it may be wiser to start in Brunnen, taking the ferry both ways.

The walk starts where William Tell conspired with others to take down the Habsburgs by signing the Rütli Oath - although this may be more of a fable than reality!

After starting at the Rütli meadow, it’s uphill through the forest into Seelisberg. We stopped for a nice lunch at Träumli before contining in the rain downhill to Bauen.

On the ferry with Bauen in the distance

Rütli Schiffstation

South over Lake Lucerne towards Altdorf

North over Lake Lucerce towards Brunner with the Mythens in the distance

Award winner for "Neatest Firewood Pile

A pipe coming out of the rock with some advice - Drink if you need to and if the water stops, nature is in trouble


Bauen Church