Lauterbrunnen Valley Loop

Start: Lauterbrunnen Bahnhof

End: Lauterbrunnen Bahnhof

Length: 16.5km

Ascent / Descent: 328m / 328m

Duration: 4hr 11min

Date: 30 May 2021


Lauterbrunnen has been on the list for a long time and we decided to make the trip before tourism opens up again as it’s a super popular destination. Oustanding beauty is everywhere as you walk between steep cliffs along the valley - the waterfalls are cascasding down about 600m.

The cliffs are great for extreme sports (apparently) and we saw a wing suit flyer ending his journey safely.

This walk was an extension of MySwitzerland and we also walked back to Lauterbrunnen to get up to 16.5km - well worth it.

Looking back towards Lauterbrunnen at the far end of the walk with Mürren at the top of the cliff.