Rigi Scheidegg - Kulm - Scheidegg

Start: Kräbel Gondola Station

End: Kräbel Gondola Station

Length: 18 km

Ascent / Descent: 601m / 601m

Duration: 5hr 2min

Date: 26 Jun 2022


There’s a reason the Rigi Panoramaweg is so highly rated - great scenery on all sides and a relaxing, pleasant walk along an old railway line. The clouds came and went through the day, unfortunately blocking some of the views at Rigi Kulm but a fantastic day overall.

This time we decided to start at Rigi Scheidegg, walking to Rigi Kulm for lunch and then back to Scheidegg. Whilst this signed us up for 18km, it works well with parking at the cable car which also runs more often than the train.

More details on Rigi.ch, this is a great option by train from Zürich, taking the train to Arth-Goldau, up to Rigi Kulm. From here you can walk to Rigi Scheidegg then take the gondola back down.

Starting from Rigi Scheidegg, the clouds just beneath us

Rigi Kulm in the distance

The Mythen's sticking out above the clouds

Train arriving at Rigi Kulm from Arth-Goldau




Inquisitive cow

Pollinator at work