Oberalp - Maighelshütte Loop

Start: Oberalppass

End: Oberalppass

Length: 11.3km

Ascent / Descent: 592m / 592m

Duration: 3hr 31min

Date: 17 Aug 2021


A great recommendation from a friend that starts just outside of Andermatt at the Oberalppass. The walk takes you alongside streams and waterfalls, across moss filled meadows and has great views on all sides.

We drove but you also take the train from Andermatt. The last climb on this walk is right at the end and if you want to avoid this you can remove the loop and return the way the walk started.

More details at andermatt.ch.

Oberalppass heading downwards towards Disentis

Looking back towards the start, the pass winds down the mountain

Bench at Maighelshütte facing Piz Alv at the end of the valley

Lai Urlaun