Arosa - Schwellisee & Älplisee

Start: Arosa, Parkhaus Brüggli

End: Arosa, Parkhaus Brüggli

Length: 12.7 km

Ascent / Descent: 566m / 566m

Duration: 3hr 50min

Date: 30 Jul 2023


The road to Arosa from Chur has over 360 bends so, if you are driving, be prepared to concentrate! If this sounds too much, the train is super simple too.

Arosa never disapoints - in a bowl with wide views from Davos to Lenzerheide, lakes and rocky cliffs, it has the feel of the Canadian Rockies. This reasonably short hike goes past two lakes with plenty of great spots for a picnic lunch. We arrived at Älplisee as the sun came out and the colors were amazing.

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Lunch at Schwellisee


Above Schwellisee

Climb to up Älplisee


Far end of the hike looking towards Lenzerheide

Heading back to Äliplisee

Schwellisee, Aros and on to Davos