Finsterwald bei Entlebuch Loop

Start: Finsterwald bei Entlebuch

End: Finsterwald bei Entlebuch

Length: 10km

Ascent / Descent: 356m / 356m

Duration: 2hr 47min

Date: 04 May 2021


Despite the cloudy day this walk gave us some great long views of the relatively flat area north and Stockhorn to the West.

Located in the UNESCO Biosphere, this walk passes moorland where peat was dug for fuel - the landscape is still scarred with the lines of the extraction and there are a few noticeboards on the moor at Mettilimoos telling you about the history.

South West towards Schratteflue


Kühe happy to be outside after winter

Traditional Swiss haystack, built around a wooden pole

Moorland at Mettilimoos with scarred landscape

Peat Machinery

Posing Squirrel