Gross Mythen

Start: Brunni, SZ

End: Brunni SZ

Length: 8 km

Ascent / Descent: 796m / 796m

Duration: 3hr 43min

Date: 12 Jun 2022


A short but steep hike with amazing views showing that the Swiss are generally super fit with young children, pensioners and dogs making the 800m ascent with relative ease.

Be prepared for some steep drops at the side of the rocky path and you’ll be rewarded with views both on the ascent and over Vierwaldstättersee when you reach the summit. I took a packed lunch but there are loads of eating options in Brunni and also a small restaurant at the top.

More details on Switzerland Mobility.

Today's target - Gross Mythen

The base of Gross Mythen towards Klein Mythen

Rocky ascent

East towards Glarus


Looking over Brunni to Einsiedeln

Nearing the summit


Vierwaldstättersee, Lauerzersee & Rigi

People gathering at the summit. Ägerisee can be seen in the background.

Towards Stoos - the famous Stoosbahn is the clearing between the trees with the village at the top