Start: Bendern Bahnhof

End: Bendern Bahnhof

Length: 16km

Ascent / Descent: 640m / 640m

Duration: 4hr 33min

Date: 28 Mar 2021


Walking in the valley that contains Lichtenstein, you often get road noise from the highway but when you head up towards the Austrian border, this disappears into a superbly peaceful hike. Surrounded by borders, you get views of of Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany and of course, Switzerland.

If like me, you like a modern concrete box home with large windows, there are plenty to be jealous of as you walk through the many small villages.

More details on this hike are on Switzerland Mobility.

East over Feldkirch, Austria

South towards Bad Ragaz & Pizol

High Security Checkpoint at the Lichtenstein - Austria Border

North to Germany